These are just some of Baystate Health's achievements in 2022 to improve the health of the people in our communities every day, with quality and compassion.


Baystate Health
Recognized for Quality of Care

In 2022, Baystate Health earned many national recognitions including awards and distinctions from the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, the American Association of Critical Care Nurses, the American Nurses Credentialing Center, and others.

Baystate Medical Center
Completed New Operating Rooms and Interventional Spaces

Every year some 29,000 patients undergo surgery at Baystate Medical Center, more than any hospital in western Massachusetts. Throughout 2022, teams with frontline employees contributing to the design, finished construction and in March 2023, the new inpatient operating rooms and interventional suites opened to support our promise of meeting the critical healthcare needs of our community and to support the technical and clinical advances in the ever-changing world of surgery. Operations needing an overnight stay will be performed in this new space including neurosurgery, cancer, cardiac, robotic surgery, trauma surgery, total joint replacement surgery and more. In the interventional suites, new state-of-the-art imaging and catheter-based technology will minimize open surgery and optimize procedures that involve the heart and brain. Patients’ needs were integral in the design with enhanced privacy and space for loved ones to be close during phases of care. Learn more here.

Baystate Health and Lifepoint Behavioral Health Broke Ground for New Behavioral Health Hospital

Baystate Health and Lifepoint Behavioral Health broke ground on March 8 in Holyoke, MA on a new state-of-the-art behavioral health hospital that will meet the community’s increased need for specialized behavioral health services and address the dire shortage of beds in the region. The 150-bed freestanding facility, to be called Valley Springs Behavioral Health Hospital In Affiliation with Baystate Health, will be located on 45 Lower Westfield Road and will feature 120 semi-private rooms and 30 private rooms for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Mental Health. The new hospital will increase patient access to specialty inpatient behavioral healthcare for adults, including geriatric patients, as well as adolescents and children, by more than 50 percent.

Lifepoint Behavioral Hospital

Baystate Children’s Hospital
Performed its First Transnasal Esophagoscopy

The Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology at Baystate Children’s Hospital performed their first transnasal esophagoscopy (TNE) for a patient with eosinophilic esophagitis in the Pediatric Procedure Unit in July 2022. The Pediatric GI division at Baystate Health is one of only a few healthcare organizations in the country to perform this procedure. TNE decreases the need for anesthesia and decreases overall costs for children who sometimes require two to three endoscopies a year.

Transnasal Esophagoscopy

Baystate Wing Hospital
Earned Stroke Care Award

Baystate Wing Hospital received the Paul Coverdell National Stroke Program Award for Achieving Door Imaging (CT scan) in less than 25 minutes from arrival for at least 75% of our stroke patients. This award shows Baystate Wing Hospital’s commitment to using nationally recognized research-based guidelines backed by the latest scientific evidence.

Baystate Wing Hospital Earned Stroke Care Award
Baystate Home Health and Hospice Supported Discharge Planning and Enhanced Care

Baystate Home Health and Hospice
Supported Discharge Planning and Enhanced Care

Baystate Home Health and Hospice (BHHH) focused on supporting capacity management. As an integrated team within the system, BHHH collaborated with the case management team to be an option for discharge planning. BHHH quality metrics showed high-quality patient care was provided during this time despite a nursing staffing crisis. BHHH also initiated a project focusing on video capabilities through remote patient telemonitoring for those with cardiac and respiratory diseases in order to detect earlier exacerbation leading to decreasing ER visits and hospitalizations.

Quality Goals Reached

Standard measures of quality apply to dozens of clinical areas across Baystate Health and are assessed against national benchmarks. In 2022, quality measures focused on ambulatory care health maintenance areas, including blood pressure control, breast cancer screening, and specificity of diagnostic coding for depression.

The suspension of inpatient elective procedures in the second quarter of 2022 related to Omicron was also associated with a major curtailment of routine outpatient visits for the very purposes captured in these goals. Nevertheless, our primary care providers pushed hard to enhance quality, using automated case finding and alert technology. Blood pressure control rose from 69% in the first quarter of 2022 to 74% in the fourth quarter of 2022, exceeding the target goal. Breast cancer screening rose from 73% in the first quarter of 2022 to 77% in the fourth quarter of 2022, also exceeding goal. Finally, precision in the diagnosis of depression (measured by avoidance of the non-specific diagnostic code) also exceeded target throughout the year, perhaps reflecting the increasing use of telehealth technology for behavioral health problems.

Additional areas of accomplishment in quality in 2022 include:

  • Baystate Noble Hospital was visited by The Joint Commission in June and received an outstanding review of its quality programs.
  • The Department of Anesthesia developed and implemented Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols that focus on the use of regional anesthesia and expectant control of pain and nausea following surgery. This leads to better symptom control and shorter lengths of stay.
  • A multidisciplinary team developed and implemented guidelines around the care of patients with Sickle Cell Disease. The processes include use of the outpatient infusion center for pain control, direct admission for patients needing inpatient care (avoiding the ER), and personalized care plans for complex patients included in the electronic record.
  • Baystate Health’s Brightwood Health Center was one of the first sites in the state selected to offer monkeypox vaccination. Physicians in the Department of Medicine collaborated to create protocols to identify, test, and treat patients suspected of the disease.
  • An Emergency Psychiatry Service was launched to manage the shortage of inpatient beds across the state. The multidisciplinary team was able to resume missed treatments, explore alternatives to hospitalization, and accelerate acceptance of patients needing admission. Telehealth technology enhanced behavioral health inpatient coverage on weekends.

Baystate Wing Hospital
Added Wound Care Services

Baystate Wing Hospital announced the addition of wound care services in partnership with Healogics Wound Care in July 2022. The Wound Care team, dedicated to healing chronic wounds, provides this service in the Palmer Health & Wellness Multi-Specialty Clinic, located on the second floor of the hospital.

COVID-19 Vaccination Mission Team Won President’s Excellence Award

COVID-19 Vaccination Mission Team
Won President’s Excellence Award

In 2022, the Baystate Health COVID-19 vaccination team set out to administer as many vaccines as possible to allow every individual a chance to take their #bestshot to stay healthy and decrease COVID-19 transmission in the community. Their success earned them Baystate Health’s President’s Excellence Award for 2022.

In the thick of a global pandemic, this multi-disciplinary team worked swiftly to establish a free-standing mobile clinic, leveraging newly developed technology to streamline registration, vaccine recording and reporting.

The pharmacy and supply chain team embraced the complex logistical challenge of three brand new vaccines, all with different storage requirements, stability, and preparation procedures. Several disciplines came together (including local communities and care providers) to plan, execute, and deliver high quality service to patients and employees.

The team created a brand new, multi-faceted, user friendly I&T workflow for public, patient, and employee use. They rapidly established the Whitney Avenue vaccine clinic, Baystate Franklin Medical Center clinic, and a mobile vaccine team to adapt to the changing needs of the community and allow for local vaccine access in over 55 different locations across multiple counties. A daily dashboard was designed to maintain real-time data to successfully monitor performance and make necessary adjustments for continuous improvement. As a result:

  • 117,000+ shots were given, 52,000+ individuals vaccinated as of mid-March 2022.
  • 200+ Baystate Health employees and volunteers came together to provide vaccination services, some even obtained additional certifications to be able to administer vaccinations.
  • 97% of Baystate Health employees were vaccinated.
  • There was reduced community transmission and hospitalizations due to COVID-19 with vaccinations provided.
  • A caring, compassionate, and fun environment for patients to get their vaccine was created. Patients raved about their experience and encouraged others to seek out vaccinations from Baystate Health vs. others.
  • Being a trusted partner in the direct advancement of care and enhancement of lives strengthened community relationships.
  • We broadened our reach to encourage increased vaccinations in some of the most vulnerable areas by bringing the vaccination access to where the people were: Whitney Avenue, Baystate Franklin Medical Center, Baystate High Street Health Center, Baystate Mason Square, Baystate Brightwood Health Center, Baystate Medical Center.
  • We continue to contribute to the rising rates of vaccinations throughout multiple counties.

Baystate Noble Hospital’s Emergency Department Awarded Grant to Enhance Geriatric Medicine and Delirium

Baystate Noble Hospital’s Emergency Department (ED) was awarded a Learning Health Systems grant to facilitate their ongoing innovations with geriatric medicine. The Baystate Noble ED team of providers developed and implemented a process that screens patients over the age of 65 for delirium during their care in the ED – focusing on screening patients upon triage, during their ED stay, and upon transitions in care. They developed delirium screening using a rigorous quality improvement process, including a prototype that was used in triaging patients to determine risk for delirium. Through the Baystate Noble Hospital team’s work, Baystate Health was able to meet the new Massachusetts state requirements for ED delirium screening by October 2022. The success of implementing the delirium screening process is that it created a renewed focus on the unique needs of the aging-adult population and created better patient outcomes. The delirium screening process has been adopted across the health system and will help to continue the focus of an age-friendly health system.

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Daily Management System Advanced the Culture of Safety

In December 2022 Baystate Health celebrated the one-year anniversary of its Daily Management System (DMS), the foundation upon creating a high reliability health system. Every day since implementation of DMS, tiered huddles took place where teams throughout the system reviewed performance measures, surfaced operational issues, discussed readiness, identified issues requiring escalations, and inspired each other through meaningful problem solving. DMS continues to bring the challenges to the most knowledgeable, empowering those closest to the work to provide recommendations for implementation and to enact the resolutions.

Daily Management System Advanced the Culture of Safety

Safety Improvements
Accomplished in Care

  • A set of diagnostic and treatment measures, known as the sepsis bundle, can improve overall survival from sepsis; a systemic inflammation syndrome caused by infection. Compliance with the bundle rose from 48% in the second quarter of 2022 to 72% in the fourth quarter of 2022, exceeding the target goal of 65% in all four hospitals.
  • Solutions for Patient Safety, a network of 145 children’s hospitals across the country, chose Baystate Children’s Hospital as its February 2022 Hospital of the Month based on low rates of infections and other complications of care, along with innovative approaches to safety presented at national meetings.
  • Infection Control Champions were expanded to 55 ambulatory practice sites to advance standards of care across the system.
  • Improvement teams continued to make progress in non-infection patient safety areas such as restraint use, prevention of blood clots in hospitalized patients, falls, skin injuries related to pressure, hand hygiene, alcohol withdrawal, and quality of resuscitation efforts.
  • Our Health Risk Mitigation Guide for COVID-19 won the Shirley Bradford Innovation Award for 2022 given by the Massachusetts chapter of the Association of Professionals of Infection Control.

Infection Control Champions were expanded to


ambulatory practice sites.

Neurology Enhanced Treatment

In 2022, Baystate Medical Center was selected as a site for clinical trial for a new drug for narcolepsy patients. Along with Plastic Surgery and ENT, Sleep Medicine expanded their hypoglossal nerve stimulation program as an alternative treatment for some patients with obstructive sleep apnea. In addition, Neurology welcomed Dr. Varun Naragum as a provider in their Neuroendovascular Program. Dr. Naragum began treating patients with a variety of neurovascular conditions including intracranial stenosis, cerebral aneurysms, dural fistulas, and arteriovenous malformations (AVM).

New Digital Program Launched to Improve Breast Cancer Screening Rates

New Digital Program Launched to Improve Breast Cancer Screening Rates

Baystate Health launched a new digital outreach program to increase breast cancer screening rates. Benefits of this program: empowered patients with education to make proactive decisions about their health; helped foster early breast cancer detection, which can improve patient outcomes; provided analytics about outreach success—from initial engagement through screening completion.

Baystate Franklin Medical Center Received Gold Level Go Clear Award

Baystate Franklin Medical Center
Received Gold Level Go Clear Award

Baystate Franklin Medical Center received a Go Clear Award at the Gold Level from AORN (Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses) as part of a comprehensive surgical smoke-free recognition program for facilities who want to ensure a smoke-free environment. Surgical smoke is the by-product of using energy-generating devices (e.g., electrosurgery units, lasers, ultrasonic devices, and powered surgical instruments). The Surgical Services team completed required education and utilized resources to ensure elimination of surgical smoke. The award was a testament to the team's commitment to patient and employee safety.

Hospital-based Violence Intervention Program Created

Baystate Medical Center and Roca Springfield launched a first-in-the-region hospital-based violence intervention program called “Better Tomorrow” to serve as a vital public health response to violence in our communities. Funded with a $1M U.S. Department of Justice grant through the Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation Program, the joint effort with Roca Springfield combined medical employees and community-based service providers to intervene with victims of violence in hospital settings, connect them with community services, and reduce further victimization and violent behaviors.

Baystate Children’s Hospital Earned National Safety Recognition

Baystate Children’s Hospital
Earned National Safety Recognition

Baystate Children’s Hospital (BCH) was selected as the Solutions for Patient Safety (SPS) February 2022 Hospital of the Month. SPS is a network of over 145 children’s hospitals in North America working to reduce harm by sharing data and best practices. BCH received this honor due to their hospital-wide Error Prevention training in 2021 and instituted a daily safety brief which resulted in timely resolution of issues mostly related to medical equipment/devices, medication or fluids, and provision of care.

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Experience Enhanced in 2022

  • To provide a welcoming, coordinated, personalized consumer experience, it is imperative to understand the values and preferences of each person we serve. To better know our consumers, Baystate Health grew in two areas. First, Baystate Health humanized the patient comment data and elevated the patient voice by implementing artificial intelligence software. This gives the ability to systematically analyze and derive actionable insights from large volumes of patient comments to understand trends and opportunities. A second area of growth was in our Patient and Family Advisory Councils. Beyond the general hospital councils, a new council was commissioned for the Baystate Medical Center Emergency Department. This complemented those already formed for Baystate Medical Center, Baystate Franklin Medical Center, Baystate Noble Hospital, Baystate Health Eastern Region, Baystate Children’s Hospital and the D'Amour Center for Cancer Care.
  • GetWell, an on-line patient engagement platform expanded beyond Baystate Medical Center to our community hospitals through a mobile app. This features personalized health content, health videos, a digital whiteboard, as well as a variety of entertainment options.
  • Sixty peer supporters across all service lines at Baystate Medical Center have been trained to give emotional first aid to caregivers who have been involved in a medical error, adverse patient event or traumatic events. They help address the “second victim” phenomenon related to patient safety events. The peer supporters were chosen by their peers and have been trained using the peer support model developed by Sue Scott from University of Missouri.


peer supporters trained to give emotional first aid to caregivers.

Experience Enhanced in 2022

Interpreters Bridged the Language Gap

In 2022, nearly 240,000 spoken and signed language interpreter sessions helped patients and families better understand their care – resulting in better access to and equity in their healthcare. Baystate provides in-person interpreters as well as telephonic and video interpreters off-site. Our nationally certified translators translated more than 6,300 pages of patient-related information and instructions, helping to ensure that our patients were well-informed about their health condition(s) and how to care for those conditions in simple terms and in a language they prefer.



spoken and signed language interpreter sessions.

Interpreters Bridged the Language Gap

Baystate Health Preferred HMO
Medicare Advantage Plan Debuted

Baystate Health and Health New England launched a new Medicare Advantage plan in the fall of 2022 called Baystate Health Preferred HMO. With this plan, members have access to primary care through Baystate Medical Practices and specialty care from Baystate Health and many other specialists in the Health New England network.

Health New England Supported Community Health

Health New England is central to the Baystate Health vision of being able to accept and manage financial risk for an assigned population. This includes not only the traditional insurance activities of forecasting expenses and setting premium levels, but also the design and deployment of novel programs to advance health and wellness, such as the following:

  • BeHealthy Partnership Accountable Care Partnership Plan for MassHealth/Medicaid participants in western Massachusetts, in collaboration with the Baystate Health Care Alliance.
  • New Medicare Advantage Baystate Health Preferred HMO plan developed together to better coordinate members’ care and coverage – available to Medicare-eligible people in Hampden and Hampshire counties beginning in 2023, linking them to Baystate Medical Practices primary care providers.
  • Award winning Healthy Directions Worksite Wellness Program supporting employer groups and their employees across the Health New England service area to incorporate a culture of well-being into their workplaces.

Health New England’s plan membership continued to grow in 2022, ending the year with approximately 185,000 members in its commercial, Medicare and Medicaid lines of business. In addition, Health New England maintained its CMS four-star rating for Medicare Advantage, and achieved superior performance in member experience, with net promoter scores of 55 overall and 73 for Medicare, which is well over the industry average of 19.

Health New England membership grew to



Health New England committed approximately $540,000 in investments back to the community in 2022 in support of the priorities identified in their community health needs assessment (CHNA). Significant funding included a $100,000 grant to 18 local non-profit organizations to improve health equity around infant and maternal health. Health New England strengthened community relationships through existing multiyear commitments to organizations focused on housing, education, care coordination, food insecurity, social environment and more through the “Where Health Matters” Grant Program, distributing $250,000 in grant funds. Health New England continued to support Baystate Health by awarding the Foundation a $102,250 grant for the “Community Connections Program.”

Health New England Supported Community Health

Project IMPACT Worked to Enhance User Experience

Project IMPACT (Baystate’s vision to transform into a data-driven and digitally enabled organization) includes the Clinically Driven Revenue Cycle (CDRC) project, which aims to replace more than 30 legacy systems. Compliance concerns were addressed that will allow the deployment of IMPACT’s population health management tools to both private and employed physicians at Baycare Health Partners. Electronic health record optimization projects kicked off that will improve provider user experience and improve quality through reducing falls and blood clots in hospitalized patients. Also, implementation of a population health platform and connected consumer relationship management platform made progress. This is solving foundational challenges in collecting data points across the spectrum of Baystate care delivery, developing insights, and taking action. In 2023, we will see these capabilities being connected to our contact center services, patient portal, web site, outreach, self-service, and virtual services.

Clinically Driven Revenue Cycle (CDRC) Began Integration to Enhance Experience

This milestone signified the beginning of an incredible but complex journey that will result in the creation and execution of a fully integrated revenue cycle system. CDRC will connect and streamline clinical, operational, and financial applications and processes, integrating Cerner Revenue Cycle – Scheduling, Registration, HIM, with Soarian Financials and our electronic health record, CIS.

CDRC reaches every corner of Baystate Health. The CRDC team includes more than 200 clinical, operational, financial, and I&T stakeholders including partners from Cerner who together will bring this 20-month long initiative to fruition. CDRC is aligned with our systemwide digital transformation through IMPACT and demonstrates our commitment to find better ways of doing things, eliminating workarounds, and finding efficiencies.

Palliative Care Enhanced Services

In 2022, Baystate Health’s Palliative Care service added several new providers which allowed providers to see and follow more inpatients with palliative care needs, made the service more robust to unforeseen staffing changes, and provided additional social work services to patients and families. Palliative Care continues to focus on supporting the education of an interdisciplinary group of healthcare learners surrounding advanced symptom management and serious illness conversations. Efforts have begun to restructure services to facilitate future quality assessment and research efforts.

New Memory Assessment and Care Clinic Opened

Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Program Made an Impact

Dr. Maura Brennan (who received the Greater Springfield Senior Services’ 2022 Community Impact Award) led an interprofessional team that provided home care to older adults. In 2022, 120 new patients were enrolled in the Baystate Geri-Pal House Calls Program. This work has seen advanced care plans increase from 62% to 88% and fall risk assessment increase from 56% to 94% in patients cared for in Springfield community health centers. Clinical team lead, Alina Sibley, NP received a 2022 Community Outreach Award at the Advanced Practice Provider Excellence Award ceremony. Educational efforts reached ~1,200 learners through multiple platforms, including radio shows and national webinars. At Baystate Noble Hospital, Dr. Sundeep Shukla was recognized with a President’s Excellence Award as a Distinguished Performer in Quality for his work to address delirium assessments and provide age-friendly care in the Emergency Department.

New Memory Assessment and Care Clinic Opened

The Division of Geriatrics and Palliative Care announced the opening of a new Memory Assessment and Care Clinic. This clinic continued previous Baystate Medical Center services regarding patient assessment for new memory complaints and complemented this service with outpatient co-management of persons living with dementia to minimize caregiver stress, prevent inappropriate pharmacotherapy, elicit goals of care and advanced directives, and maximize functional status. This effort was spearheaded by Simone Masson, CNP.

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Academic Innovation

UMass Chan Medical School-Baystate and Population-based Urban and Rural Community Health (PURCH)

Baystate Health’s long history as an institution for training the next generation of healthcare workers is foundational to our culture of clinical excellence. It was also a source of innovation and resiliency in the face of the unprecedented problems posed by the pandemic and its associated crises. Over 30 health professions train at Baystate Health, in association with over 10 local colleges and universities. Scholarships among our faculty also continued to flourish despite the strains of the pandemic. In FY2022, external grant funding for research totaled $20M, an increase from $18.1M in the prior year, while peer review publications declined to 212 from 278 in the prior year. The latter is to be expected given the increase in clinical demands for many members of the faculty.



health professions train at Baystate Health, in association with over 10 local colleges and universities.

Other highlights from our educational and research programs include:

  • A new academic department was formed at Baystate Health: The Department of Healthcare Delivery and Population Science at the UMass Chan Medical School-Baystate. Its inaugural Chair, Dr. Peter Lindenauer, is a long-serving health services researcher with over 250 peer review papers and a strong history of grant funding for himself and his many trainees. The department’s vision aligns with Baystate Health’s population health strategy in its focus on clinical outcomes, healthcare disparities, implementation science, and healthcare quality.
  • Our regional medical school campus graduated its second class of 27 medical students in June. There were 19 students matching to residencies in primary care fields, consistent with the school’s focus on community health. Among the 11 postgraduate medical residencies offered at Baystate Health, all were fully matched. Baystate Health has a total of 372 post-graduate trainees in 11 residencies and 23 fellowships. In 2022, 29% of training program graduates stayed in western Massachusetts, either to practice or pursue further training.
  • Dr. Peter Friedmann, associate dean for Research at UMass Chan-Baystate, published a study on the treatment of substance use disorder (SUD) in incarcerated individuals along with colleagues from UMass Amherst. The study was funded by a $10M grant from the National Institutes of Health and showed a clear relationship between medication assisted treatment of SUD and reductions in recidivism.
UMass Chan Medical School-Baystate and Population-based Urban and Rural Community Health (PURCH)

Nurse Residency Program’s Continued Success

The Baystate Health Nurse Residency Program (BHNRP) continued to see growth and success throughout 2022. The program is an ANCC Practice Transition Accreditation Program® (PTAP) designed for newly licensed nurses to achieve the overall goals of closing the transition-to-practice gap and improving job satisfaction, retention, competency, and confidence. With a restructuring of the program curriculum in 2022 came increasing retention rates of nurse residents completing the program. Nurse residents began to engage in newly developed professional pathways, which provide a creative and innovative opportunity for each nurse resident to choose one of the four tracks and complete all requirements to formally complete the BHNRP. The four tracks include the classic evidence-based practice project, professional leadership track, love your own unit track, and explore your professional options pathway. Throughout the year, a record number of 221 nurse residents graduated from the program and an additional 189 nurse residents actively engaged in the program. The BHNRP remains an elite, well-established Nurse Residency Program in the Commonwealth, making up four of the sixteen sites in Massachusetts and one of 243 practice transition programs nationally to receive ANCC accreditation.

A record number of


nurse residents graduated from the program and an additional 189 nurse residents actively engaged in the program.

Nurse Residency Program’s Continued Success

Future Healthcare Providers Received Comprehensive Training

A recognized leader in educational innovation, Baystate Health has been training doctors since 1914. In 2022, 421 residents and fellows in 11 residency and 27 fellowship programs trained at Baystate Health. Baystate Health provided training to over 350 medical students completing clerkships and electives in various specialties, 740 nursing students, and over 300 allied health students from local colleges and universities who completed clinical training as part of their associate, baccalaureate, master’s, and post-doctoral work.

*photo without masks was taken in a non-BH setting

Future Healthcare Providers Received Comprehensive Training

Research at Baystate Health
Improved Care

Faculty from the University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School-Baystate published 232 peer-reviewed articles in 2022, acquiring and disseminating new knowledge to a broad audience. These original research findings will be used to improve the care we deliver to patients. The Clinical Trials Office currently manages 35 active clinical studies at the site.

A record number of


peer-reviewed articles published.

Research at Baystate Health Improved Care

Midwifery Education Program
Contributed to Care in the Region

The Baystate Midwifery Education Program graduated three students in 2022. This was a small cohort due to disruptions caused by the pandemic. A full class of nurses was admitted in September 2022 to start the two-year program, with five second-year nurse-midwife students expected to graduate in May 2023. In 2022, Baystate Midwifery and Women’s Health, the faculty practice for the Midwifery Education Program, birthed their 14,000th baby. This milestone birth was attended by a Certified Nurse-Midwife (CNM) alumna of the program and a current student. The program is working on recruitment strategies to support diversification of the CNM workforce and has developed a curriculum thread throughout the program to address racial inequity and health disparities.

Midwifery Education Program Contributed to Care in the Region

BSEP Prepared Area Students for Healthcare Careers

In 2022, Baystate Springfield Educational Partnership (BSEP) educational programming finally emerged from a virtual format in the fall of 2022 and returned to in-person programming. BSEP is a program that advances education for our Springfield youth and prepares them for careers that are committed to serving the health and well-being of the community. While the program had to reduce the size of its classes to meet set restrictions, the program began to thrive on the renewed interaction between participants and the numerous Baystate Health employees who volunteered their time and expertise.

During the year, BSEP ran courses for 171 students, primarily residents of Springfield, MA. During the summer, BSEP provided theme-based workshops for 36 students, coordinated 17 summer internships at Baystate Medical Center, and placed five students in work experiences. BSEP also awarded a total of $26,400 in scholarships to 27 alumni of the program for undergraduate and graduate education. The eleven-year total of scholarships awarded has exceeded $776,000.

Watch a PSA BSEP students created to promote the youth mental health wellness.

Chaplain Interns Graduated

Chaplain Interns Graduated

In March 2022, a group of five Chaplain Interns graduated from their Clinical Pastoral Education program at Baystate Medical Center. The Clinical Pastoral Education program is an accredited professional training program. Each of the five interns completed over 300 hours of direct spiritual care to patients, families, and team members at Baystate Medical Center, Baystate Franklin Medical Center, and Baystate Wing Hospital from October 2021 to March 2022. The internship included 120 hours of instructional educational hours containing case study presentations, webinars, and small group discussions equipping them with skills and approaches to offer compassionate spiritual, emotional, or religious care to persons within our multi-spiritual and cultural setting. The five graduates were Bob Perreault (covered CHAD, D5A, SICU), Stephanie McCaffrey (covered Baystate Wing Hospital), Thad Burgmyer (ED, M6, SW5), Sarah Malzone (NICU, D6B, MICU, Palliative Care), and Julie Britton (Baystate Franklin Medical Center).

BSEP Prepared Area Students for Healthcare Careers

Best Place to Work

Workplace of Choice

Baystate Health’s employees are the heart of the organization, and Baystate Health is committed to ensuring a bright future for those who dedicate their time and energy to our mission of improving the health of the people in our communities every day, with quality and compassion. The organization is strategically focused on being a Workplace of Choice and making a meaningful difference in the lives of employees and their loved ones through the areas of workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion; employee engagement and well-being; employee safety; and workforce development.

Baystate Health continued to experience staffing shortages and higher turnover rates in 2022, along with healthcare organizations regionally and nationally. Yet, over 4,400 positions were filled, which is an all-time record for the organization. Areas of focus for our workforce included:

  • Ensuring competitive salaries and raises through the worst of the pandemic. Baystate Health has been a dependable and stable place to work, providing employees with raises every year and making salary adjustments as the market changes.
  • Expanding upon an already comprehensive benefits package with new benefits, responding to needs for financial health and mental health support.
  • Developing a detailed Workforce Plan specifically focused on recruiting and retaining for jobs most in demand over next three years.
  • Having a career development focus to meet individual employee goals and aspirations for growth within Baystate Health by including Career Accelerator and Is Management Right for Me programs and Career Counseling for those looking to grow within Baystate Health.
  • Seeking continuous feedback from employees through annual and pulse surveys, engagement councils and business resource groups, a Daily Management System and many other opportunities to contribute to workgroups to improve employee and patient experiences.
  • Recognizing the good work of employees through Baystate Celebrates recognition platform, DAISY and PETAL programs in patient care areas, and Quality, Safety awards, all recognizing and celebrating thousands of employees each year.
  • Continuing to transform the Baystate Health culture by adopting a serving leader model supported by education programs for all levels of leadership, which will continue throughout 2023.
Workplace of Choice

Efforts Made Confronting Racism, Bias, and Making Sustainable Change

Confronting racism and bias is critical to achieving Baystate Health’s mission. Throughout 2022 Baystate Health focused on reducing health disparities, growing a more diverse workforce, and improving family prosperity in marginalized communities. The Structural Inclusion Workgroup, which includes over 60 people across the organization, stimulated changes to policies, practices, and systems to remove barriers and advance equity. A new Diversity and Inclusion learning curriculum was launched, policies were redesigned, and employees were invited to share more accurate data about themselves. Specifically, Baystate Health made progress in increasing the number of Black and Hispanic/Latinx leaders, providers, and direct care nurses to better reflect the community. Additionally, Baystate Health’s LGBTQ+ Pride business resource group led to Baystate Health’s participation in the Human Rights Campaign Health Equality Index Survey and has plans for continued listening and improvements in the experience of LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual) employees, patients, and families.

Efforts Made Confronting Racism, Bias, and Making Sustainable Change

Elevated Employee Voices

Baystate Health has four employee-led Engagement Councils inviting in more employee voices to inform organizational changes and to provide insights into leadership decisions and programs. Baystate Health also has seven business resource groups which provide input and feedback, conduct educational activities, and often cross-collaborate on events. Key learnings from these groups relate to ways the organization can enhance the experience of employees and patients, the importance of Baystate Health’s presence and representation in community events, and the value of incorporating a multitude of voices in decisions and planning. These groups focus on LGBTQIA+ employees; Black employees; Latinx employees; military and veteran employees; women employees; emerging professional employees; and the culturally responsive care of patients. In 2022, Baystate Health re-launched its Hispanic/Latinx resource group called Somos Uno and also commemorated Juneteenth for the second year, with a week-long employee and community celebration designed and led by our Black Employees Connecting Business Resource Group, which won an Honorable Mention in Ragan’s 2022 Corporate Social Responsibilities Awards. Baystate Health also conducts an annual employee survey which kicks off team discussions about what is working well and what improvements can be made to ensure Baystate Health is the workplace of choice for our team members.

Elevated Employee Voices

Educational Offerings Supported a Learning Organization

The Baystate Health Leadership Academy provides learning to existing and aspiring leaders. In 2022, educational offerings expanded with a new program for emerging leaders, Is Management Right for Me? and a Career Accelerator certification for those seeking job growth. These new programs are in addition to Baystate’s Dale Carnegie Management Program which had certified 209 managers, each completing 21 hours of management-specific coursework, by the end of 2022. Additionally, a leadership development program called Leading with Purpose has become the cornerstone of Baystate Health’s culture and continues to inspire serving leadership throughout the organization. Employees are reporting higher degrees of connection, trust, and communication with their leaders in the annual employee survey. Baystate Health launched a Diversity & Inclusion learning strategy that includes digital on-demand learning and live sessions that emphasize partnerships with diverse-owned organizations and instructors from the Black, Latinx and LGBTQIA+ communities who deliver live courses. In this way, Baystate Health is supporting locally owned diverse businesses and introducing employees to diverse learning experts who have lived experiences in what they are teaching.



managers certified in Baystate’s Dale Carnegie Management Program.

Educational Offerings Supported a Learning Organization

Unique Benefits Offered and Remote Work Community Supported

Baystate Health is the region’s largest employer and is focused on the wellbeing of employees. In 2022, Baystate Health responded to employee needs with new benefits to focus on the priorities of mental and financial health of our workforce. The new mental health benefits, especially for healthcare workers, are in addition to 24/7 Employee Assistance Program (EAP) support which is also available to employees’ household members, insurance plan reimbursement for wellness activities, including fitness center memberships, fitness classes, mindfulness, farm shares, wellness apps, fitness equipment, ski tickets and massage. A new unique benefit gives every employee unlimited access to a personal money coach, including help with weekly budgeting, managing expenses, saving for college or retirement, or paying off student loan or other debt. Overall, there has been a decrease in financial stress reported by Baystate Health employees who have worked with a money coach. Additionally, Baystate Health took steps to formally adopt remote work and is developing a Remote Work Community for those who work in hybrid or remote environments. Included in this approach is the ability for Baystate Health to hire workers who live in many states throughout the country and to be market competitive and contemporary in its workforce practices, with policies and infrastructure to support a contemporary remote work approach for applicable positions.

Baystate Celebrates Uplifted Employees Through Recognition

Baystate Celebrates Uplifted Employees Through Recognition

Building a culture of belonging, Baystate Health provides opportunities for patients and colleagues to share gratitude through digital recognition called Baystate Celebrates. The recognition program is rooted in Baystate Health’s values of Respect, Integrity, Teamwork and Lifelong Learning. Throughout 2022, more than 42,000 recognitions, congratulations and celebrations were made through Baystate Celebrates, in addition to other awards and recognitions throughout the year. Often the most powerful recognitions are from peers who witness care and compassion up close, such as this one: “James is one of the outstanding members of the Environmental Services department who works in the Emergency Department. He always comes to work with a positive attitude. No matter how busy the day, he’s always in a great mood and that truly has a trickle-down effect on others in the department. His work ethic speaks for itself. Not only does he provide quality and timely work, he is also the first person to drop what he’s doing if he sees someone else needing assistance. Thank you for being a great member of the team!”

More than


recognitions, congratulations and celebrations were made through Baystate Celebrates.

Bring it, Baystate! Employee Referral Campaign Emphasized

Bring it, Baystate! Employee Referral Campaign Emphasized

When Baystate Health employees refer a colleague to join the organization it is a symbol of their pride and connection to the organization’s mission. Baystate Health has emphasized employee referrals in the past year through the Bring it, Baystate! campaign, which helped double the number of typical employee referrals during that time. Through incentives and unique promotions such as spotlighting referring employees, sending thank you notes home, a postcard campaign, podcasts, and more, the Bring it, Baystate! campaign accelerated hiring and provided Baystate Health team members with an avenue to positively impact staffing as they invited others into their workplace. The Bring it Baystate! employee referral campaign was named the winner of Ragan’s Platinum HR Awards Recruitment category. Ragan’s Platinum HR Awards celebrates the people, the programs and the products that are dedicated to driving HR success for their organizations, employees, and clients. Check out Baystate Health jobs here.

Baystate Neighbors Program Helped Employees Purchase their First Homes

In 2022, 16 employees were awarded forgivable loans to purchase their first homes through the Mark R. Tolosky Baystate Neighbors Program. Since 1999, there have been 340 employees who have purchased homes through this program. This Baystate Health benefit provides forgivable loans to employees purchasing their first homes in the communities surrounding Baystate Health hospitals. To date, Baystate Health has provided more than $2.4M in forgivable home loans to employees.


employees awarded forgivable loans to purchase their first homes.

Forgivable Loans Supported Nursing Education

In 2022, Baystate Health provided 30 nurses with forgivable nursing loans towards earning their ADN, BSN, master's, DNP, or PhD in nursing. The program was established in 2002 and to-date has supported nearly 630 RNs and student nurses providing more than $2.5M in forgivable loans.

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Community Connections

Community Health Needs Assessment Identified Unique Needs

Baystate Health successfully published its 2022 iteration of the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). Each hospital released its own version of the CHNA report identifying unique needs and assets in their local service area, as well as highlighting the regional trends that we see across the health system. The reports will be used to guide where Baystate Health invests its resources to meet local needs over the next three years including, but not limited to, its community benefits initiatives and Determination of Need (DoN) Community Health Initiative funding. The CHNAs were developed in partnership with the Coalition of Western Massachusetts Hospitals and Insurers and a consultant team comprised of the Public Health Institute of Western Massachusetts, Franklin Regional Council of Governments, Collaborative for Educational Services and Pioneer Valley Planning Commission. Baystate Health’s community advisory bodies, the Regional Advisory Council (RAC) and Community Benefits Advisory Councils (CBACs) each provided key insights on how to best engage the community in this process to make these reports useful and actionable sources of information for all.

Community Health Needs Assessment Identified Unique Needs

Western Mass Anchor Collaborative Launched

In its first year, the Western Mass Anchor Collaborative (WMAC), founded by the Economic Development Council and in partnership with Baystate Health, established multi-year targets to increase local procurement opportunities from women- and minority-owned businesses (MWBE) and to propel hiring and career pathways for Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) and marginalized populations.

The WMAC was initiated to provide comprehensive, systemic, and locally led solutions to regional business and workforce challenges. By being more intentional about how we do business in the region, Anchor Collaborative institutions seek to address inequities that have resulted from historic patterns of disinvestment and bias related to neighborhood, race, ethnicity, gender, and socio-economic status in western Massachusetts. The WMAC includes some of the region’s largest businesses and employers: Bay Path University, Baystate Health, Big Y Foods, Inc., Holyoke Community College, Springfield College, The City of Holyoke, the City of Springfield, and University of Massachusetts Amherst. These institutions have over 18,000 employees, with nearly 3,000 residing in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods in western Massachusetts.

These institutions serve as key place-based economic engines that leverage their own institutional sourcing, hiring, and locally focused investing here in the region and create formal community impact commitments around five Strategic Focus Areas:

    1. Local and Diverse Sourcing
    2. Local Hiring: Outside in, Inside up
    3. First Community: Low Wage Incumbent Workers
    4. Place-based Investment
    5. Policies for Healthy Equitable Communities
Baystate Health Received Inaugural 2022 Mass Save Climate Leader Award

Baystate Health Received Inaugural 2022 Mass Save Climate Leader Award

Baystate Medical Center/Baystate Health was selected by the sponsors of Mass Save as a 2022 Mass Save Climate Leader in October 2022. As one of 19 inaugural recipients, Baystate Health was recognized for ongoing efforts to curb energy use and lead the Commonwealth to a net zero future. Baystate Health, along with our Sustainability Council, has been committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 and achieve net zero by 2050 and continue to harden our infrastructure to better serve our community into the future.

Baystate Noble Hospital Received Funding for Opioid and Substance Use Prevention and Treatment

Baystate Noble Hospital Received Funding for Opioid and Substance Use Prevention and Treatment

Baystate Noble Hospital received FY22 earmark funds totaling $75,000 in support of opioid and substance use prevention and treatment efforts. The funds were allocated to three community organizations, using a request for proposal (RFP) process, which was administered in partnership with the Baystate Noble Hospital’s Community Benefits Advisory Council (CBAC).


earmark funds were awarded in support of opioid and substance use prevention and treatment efforts.

Baystate Wing Hospital Awarded $30K in Grants to Support Local Community Partners

Baystate Wing Hospital announced an investment of $30,000 in grants to benefit local community-based nonprofit organizations. The grant awards were given to the Quaboag Valley Community Development Corporation and the Quaboag Connector to support local transportation in the region, as well as the Ware Fire Department to support Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and paramedic training, and to The Recovery Center for Hope located in Ware. This helped to increase access to support and expand knowledge about recovery support services and resources in the region.

Baystate Medical Center Named “Best Local Hospital” for Sixth Consecutive Year

Baystate Medical Center Named “Best Local Hospital”

For the sixth consecutive year, Baystate Medical Center was recognized as “Best Local Hospital” in The Republican and MassLive's Reader Raves contest. The Reader Raves Winner Guide was included in The Republican’s September 18 publication.

Baystate Physicians Recognized as Healthcare Heroes

Sundeep Shukla, MD and Paul Pirraglia, MD were recognized as 2022 “Healthcare Heroes” by BusinessWest and Healthcare News. Healthcare Heroes celebrates those in healthcare who are changing lives in a positive way. Recipients were honored at an awards ceremony in October.

  • Dr. Sundeep Shukla, chief of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Baystate Noble Hospital, was honored as the 2022 Emerging Leader.
  • Dr. Paul Pirraglia, division chief of General Medicine and Community Health at Baystate Health, earned one of two awards this year in the Healthcare Heroes Collaboration category.
Baystate Health Team Member Won Howdy Award

Baystate Health Team Member Won Howdy Award

A Baystate Health team member was recognized in the 2022 Howdy Awards for Hospitality Excellence. Jose Guzman, a Valet Park of America valet attendant at Baystate Medical Center, won in the category of Transportation. Congratulations also to finalist Serena Curley, concierge at Baystate Medical Center!

The Greater Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau holds the annual event to honor front line hospitality workers throughout western Massachusetts. To be selected as a finalist is a huge accomplishment and honor in and of itself as dozens of nominations are received from around the region for each category.

Investments Created a Healthier Community

The Baystate Health Better Together Community Benefit grant targets social determinants of health and improves people’s overall well-being, making our communities healthier places to live in. In 2022, Baystate Health awarded $1M in Better Together Grants to five community-based nonprofit organizations as part of its Community Benefits Program. These funding decisions were made in partnership with our hospitals’ Community Benefits Advisory Councils and a diverse group of grant review teams. Funding for the 2022 Better Together grants was made possible through the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s Determination of Need (DoN) requirements. The 2022 Grantees were Montague Catholic Social Ministries in partnership with the Brick House, Western Massachusetts Training Consortium in partnership with their Bridge Network, The Care Center in partnership with Greenfield Community College, Westfield State University in partnership with Springfield Technical Community College, and the Quaboag Valley Community Development Corporation in partnership with the Town of Ware.

Baystate Franklin Medical Center Named “Best Hospital” by Greenfield Recorder’s 2022 Franklin Favorites

Baystate Franklin Medical Center Named “Best Hospital” by Greenfield Recorder’s 2022 Franklin Favorites

The Greenfield Recorder recognized Baystate Franklin Medical Center (BFMC) for the excellent care the hospital provides for people in Franklin County and beyond. BFMC provides emergency, primary, and specialty care that is supported by Baystate Medical Center. Services offered at BFMC include audiology, cancer care and infusion, family medicine, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, gastroenterology, wound care and hyperbaric medicine, mammography, labor and delivery (including water births), imaging screening, physical therapy, surgical services, urology and more.

Baystate Wing Hospital Recognized for Outstanding Performance in Social Responsibility

In summer 2022, Baystate Wing Hospital earned national recognition by the Lown Institute as one of the most socially responsible hospitals in America. In the recent Lown Hospital Index, a report that evaluates over 3,600 hospitals nationwide, Baystate Wing Hospital ranked 20th in the U.S. on metrics across three categories: equity, value, and outcomes. Baystate Wing made the Lown Index Honor Role by earning “A” grades in all three categories evaluated by the index and shared this well-earned distinction with only four other Massachusetts hospitals and only 66 other hospitals in the nation.

Baystate Health & Wellness Center - Greenfield

Baystate Health & Wellness Center - Greenfield

Renovations at 48 Sanderson Street in Greenfield, Baystate Health’s latest Health & Wellness Center, began in 2022. Once completed, patients will be able to visit their primary care provider and specialists, as well as have tests (including blood tests), in one location. Baystate Health & Wellness Center - Greenfield will include Baystate Family Medicine - Greenfield and serve as home base for the Family Medicine Residency Program.

Baystate Wing Hospital’s Quaboag Connector Van Brought Transportation Services to Healthcare in the Region

Baystate Wing Hospital and the Quaboag Valley Community Development Corporation (QVCDC) announced the funding of a new Quaboag Connector Van dedicated to providing transportation to Convenient Care and Primary Care services for residents living in the towns currently served by the Quaboag Connector. The curb-to-curb service provides non-emergency medical transportation, allowing patients to request rides to and from medical appointments at Baystate Wing Hospital facilities.

Baystate Wing Hospital’s Quaboag Connector Van Brought Transportation Services to Healthcare in the Region
Community Supported Baystate Health through the Baystate Health Foundation

Community Supported Baystate Health through the Baystate Health Foundation

In calendar year 2022, Baystate Health Foundation raised $12M and distributed $9.8M back into the health system. The breakdown for Baystate Health Foundation’s 2022 contributions were as follows:

  • Annual Giving: 5%
  • Events: 14%
  • Foundations (Grants): 3%
  • Major Gifts: 73%
  • Planned Giving: 5%


In addition:

  • Eighty-six donors recognized 132 Baystate Health team members with Gifts of Gratitude after they had outstanding experiences throughout the health system.
  • Baystate Children’s Hospital received a Dogs for Joy grant from Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood, which provides nearly $150,000 to support a service dog for pediatric patients.
  • Awarded the first Anthony P. Lovell MD Memorial Endowed Award for Excellence to Population-based Urban and Rural Community Health student, Molly Ingemi.
  • Baystate Health is one of six hospitals that received a $50,000 grant from America's Essential Hospitals and CVS Health Foundation for its office-based addiction treatment program. This program is designed to help combat opioid use disorder by providing treatment in a primary care setting.
  • Baystate Wing Hospital received a $100,000 gift to create an endowed fund to support the future of healthcare at the hospital.
  • Hyundai Hope on Wheels awarded a $100,000 grant to support cancer care and services for children at Baystate Children’s Hospital. Funds from the grant will support clinical research, allowing children in the community access to the newest treatments, as well as a nurse practitioner with expertise in childhood cancer to coordinate and educate families on the complex treatments, testing, and follow-up. The grant will also help children undergoing treatment to experience milestone events they may miss while in the hospital or out of school, such as gifts for birthdays or holidays, as well as provide distractions with activities during long clinic visits.
  • A $227,000 anonymous bequest was received to support behavioral health at Baystate Health.
  • In 2022, Baystate Health Foundation raised $318,650 to support the new Department of Family Medicine Health Center and Residency Program at Baystate Franklin Medical Center, providing greater access to family medicine physicians in Franklin County. This initiative has received more than $600,000 in donations toward the Foundation’s goal of raising $750,000.
  • Longtime blood donor and Legacy Society member Donna Feng shared why she chose to support Baystate Health’s Medical Transfusion Program with a gift in her will.
  • Donors were incredibly generous in their support of Baystate Health in 2022. Donations supported music therapy for patients receiving care from the Baystate Home Health & Hospice team, code carts to provide Baystate Noble Hospital team members with the medical materials needed to respond to emergencies faster, and new furniture in the Oncology Unit at Baystate Franklin Medical Center to provide patients with more comfort during treatment. At Baystate Wing Hospital, donors supported a new emergency medical services communications system and a new pediatric stretcher for our youngest patients who require surgery at Baystate Children’s Hospital. Donated funds also supported training and education for nurses and research in the areas of pediatric behavioral health, breast cancer, and heart and vascular care.
  • Baystate Health Foundation donors showed their generosity through outright gifts, bequests, Gifts of Gratitude, event support, and tribute and memorial contributions. We are appreciative of each and every donor who chose to support Baystate Health in 2022!

Eighty-six donors recognized


Baystate Health team members with Gifts.

Rays of Hope Walk & Run Toward the Cure of Breast Cancer Celebrated Successful 29th Year

Rays of Hope Walk & Run Toward the Cure of Breast Cancer Celebrated Successful 29th Year

For the first time in two years, the Rays of Hope Walk & Run Toward the Cure of Breast Cancer welcomed participants back in person to hit the pavement through Forest Park in Springfield, MA. The 2022 event had 10,000 participants and raised $399,125 and counting, exceeding totals for the 2021 event. The creation of the Rays of Hope endowment, which will help provide sustainable support for the future of breast cancer care, research, and education at Baystate Health, was announced at the 2022 event in honor of the upcoming 30th year in 2023. Donations to the endowment will help continue to infuse funding into finding the cure for breast cancer and supporting those survivors along the way.

Community Supported Care at Baystate Noble Hospital

Community Supported Care at Baystate Noble Hospital

The year 2022 marked 56 years of the Greater Westfield community coming together to support its hospital at the Baystate Noble Ball. In 2022, the ball was held in-person at the MassMutual Center. The community came together and generously donated $174,450. Proceeds from this successful event went to support a new Simulation Lab for training and education.

Wheeling for Healing

Wheeling for Healing

Mark Keroack, MD, MPH, president and CEO, Baystate Health, joined the 100 participants for the annual Wheeling for Healing event on Sunday, August 22, biking 25 miles before returning to have some lunch and visit with participants and volunteers.

Baystate Health Foundation reported there were about 100 participants and volunteers for the 2022 Wheeling for Healing event. The event has raised more than $538,000 since its inception to support cancer care and services at Baystate Franklin Medical Center.

Baystate Children’s Hospital Golf Tournament Provided Fun Day for Good Cause

Baystate Children’s Hospital Golf Tournament Provided Fun Day for Good Cause

Golfers teed off for the 30th annual Baystate Children’s Hospital Golf Tournament on June 13 at the Longmeadow Country Club and Twin Hills Country Club. This annual day of golf and fun raised critical funding to support Baystate Children’s Hospital. Events (including the tournament) helped pediatric patients at Baystate Children’s Hospital. In efforts to provide the highest quality of care to children, the 2022 tournament specifically supported the purchase of child-sized equipment for specialized procedures.

Toy Drives Delivered Hope and Joy to Families in Need

Toy Drives Delivered Hope and Joy to Families in Need

Team members from across Baystate Health collectively donated hundreds of toys and other greatly needed items during the 2022 holiday toy drives. Employees generously donated new and unwrapped toys, books, games, and other items for children and families in our community.

  • Baystate Noble Hospital team members showed their holiday spirit by donating an overwhelming amount of toys and gifts during the three-week hospital toy/gift drive. Baystate Noble Hospital leaders delivered the toys to Behavioral Health Network located in Westfield. Behavioral Health Network serves children and families with life challenges due to mental illness, substance use disorders, and intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • Team members at Baystate Wing Hospital participated in the annual toy and gift drive supporting more than 80 families from Ware, Palmer, Belchertown, the Brookfields, Brimfield, Warren and other surrounding areas served by Behavioral Health Network. The Annual Toy and Gift Drive continues the Baystate Health Easter Region team’s tradition of delivering gifts as well as hope and joy to families in need during the holiday season.

The compassion and generosity of our team members undoubtedly brought smiles and joy to many local children during the holiday season.

Baystate Health Employee Donations Benefited Local Students and Schools

Baystate Health Employee Donations Benefited Local Students and Schools

Baystate Health employees generously participated in the various hospital Back-to-School supply drives. Baystate Franklin Medical Center’s drive benefited the United Way of Franklin County’s Women's Way Annual Blooming Backpacks. Baystate Wing Hospital’s drive collected over 1,000 items to benefit Palmer, Ware and Quaboag Regional elementary schools. Baystate Noble Hospital’s drive collected school supplies for the Abner Gibbs Elementary School in Westfield. Baystate Medical Center’s drive benefited seven Springfield elementary schools: Brightwood, Lincoln, Gerena, DeBerry, Milton Bradley, Margaret Ells, and Springfield Middle School at Lincoln Campus. Collectively, over 300 classrooms, 450 teachers/employees, and 5,000+ students benefited from employee donations.


students benefited from employee donations.