My Baystate Story: Lisa Crevier, RN Baystate Primary Care-Palmer

Lisa Crevier

My name is Lisa Crevier, and I have been an RN since 1985, and I started at Baystate Mary Lane Hospital in 1987. I never intended to stay in Ware longer than six months but today I find myself in my 35th year as a member of the Baystate Health family!

I currently work as a nurse at Baystate Primary Care-Palmer, located at Baystate Wing Hospital. I spend much of my time in triage on the phone with patients. My work is different from what I am used to at the bedside, but I provide hands-on care on the front line before the patient ever leaves their home. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic our patients are calling asking what to do, how to seek the care they need and what would be the next best steps.

Often when patients call, they are afraid, confused and sometimes in distress, and they are looking for guidance and support. For me it is a very fulfilling role to be in. It is important for me to build relationships with our patients. We talk, we cry, we laugh, we bond. I know the value of what I have to offer our patients and they have been so compassionate with us since the onset of the pandemic. They thank us. They appreciate what we do for them. They remind us to stay safe. They are incredibly thoughtful about workload and volume we face as they know firsthand everyone is reaching out to their primary care provider for support.

I am not alone in this work. I am part of a team and everyone I work with is an important part of our team. We support each other! Everyone in my office is super supportive and I could not do what I do each day without every one of my team members. I am proud to be a member of Baystate Primary Care-Palmer serving my community!

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